3. Do you lead or follow the crowd?

Leading or following the crowd are options. Leading has a cost, but also great rewards. While some do not believe, you are not born a leader. There are specific techniques and learnings to reinforce team leadership. Self-confidence helps that sense of leadership. What do Jesus of Nazareth have in common?, July … Read more

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2. In what ways do you create value?

For a company, there are many ways to create value. The originality of a product, a service, or of a production process can help the company generate value. And for one person? Yesterday we started the first question of this series with What makes you indispensable??. To strengthen our personal brand, it is essential to create value. … Read more

indispensable person

1. What makes you an indispensable person?

Indispensable person? With this post I start a series of questions that will help us reinforce our personal brand. Some are inspired by the blog of one of the world gurus of personal branding: Dan Schawbel. Some say that cemeteries are full of indispensable people. True, there is possibly no one indispensable. But here the meaning … Read more