Deshaucios: the big bank misses its chance to improve its brand

If there was a historic moment when the big Spanish bank could make peace with society it was this week. But once again the bank has neither known nor wanted to react to the unhaucious. Can you imagine for a moment that the great bankers come together and propose to amend the mortgage law to avoid … Read more

Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose. This maxim - from the Maltese thinker Edward de Bono- has been a constant in the Obama campaign and, Possibly, the key to their success.

"Valueless effectiveness is a tool without a purpose". It doesn't matter race or belief: import values. Only then did Obama win over his voters. When I was talking about economics, didn't do it with the cool macroeconomic figures, I was doing it looking at the families, the future of their children and their … Read more