why you need to manage your personal brand

Why you need to manage your personal brand

Need to manage your personal brand? It's a recurring question, and even though you're on the blog of a true believer in the matter, I'll try to clear you up, with the help of Eva Collado, doubts so you can make your own decision. If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video-summary of a minute: Reasons not to manage … Read more

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You'd trust Snapchat to get a job?

I share this article titled "Could you trust Snapchat to get a job?" published in Expansión by its editor-in-chief Tino Fernández in which collaborations of a certain level appear, nothing less than Eva Collado Durán, Aziz Zaghnane and Pablo Urquijo. I act as the opening act (a role I've always liked). I hope I'll help you., especially if … Read more

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Authentic, Relevant, different #ARD_ebook

Authentic, Relevant, different are key in an impeccable personal brand, and they're also titled the last ebook 2014 from Soymimarca, already in free download