Grandma's recipe and personal brand

Grandma's recipe is more than just a personal brand (short story)

The attraction to things well done: Grandma's recipe Ran the year 2008. I booked at a restaurant in La Garrotxa, a Catalan region of volcanic soil where cooking is delicious. We got to the right place, not without first walking around La Fageda d'en Jorda, a beed in the middle … Read more

Faq (3) personal branding

Personal Branding FAQ 20 Faq (3)

We continue with the FAQs after the first and second installments a few days ago. For the time being, I've addressed the following questions and their answers: Faq (1) Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this take a long time? Personal Branding FAQ 2. Is this for when I'm out of a job? Personal Branding FAQ 3. Is this … Read more