#lateraltwits 11 Twitter as a public opinion thermometer

We continue the series dedicated to Twitter, today watching Twitter as a public opinion thermometer. It's true, not everyone is on Twitter - for now -, so it can't be representative as a national average. Twitter user profile is essentially different from Facebook's. On the chart below you have … Read more

#lateraltwits 05 Twitter as a public forum

In the series “LateralTwits” we've already talked about Twitter as a means of communication, Twitter as a platform for dialogue, Twitter as a means of information and Twitter as a means of contact. Today the focus is on Twitter as a public forum. Twitter is becoming a great forum. It may never replace thematic forums … Read more

@everybody: Squeeze that orange called Twitter

To build your personal brand interest, among other things, get followers on Twitter. Here I leave some tips to boost Twitter and get more out: Fairplay acts: follow your followers and answer questions or comments they ask you directly. Twice a day, retweet an interesting post you've found … Read more