You're not what you promise., if not what you prove

Aunque no tengo el honor de conocer a Patrick Renvoise, experto en neuromarketing, I completely agree with your statement: we are not what we promise, we are what we demonstrate. I do not intend in this post to theorize about neuromarketing, that's what specialists are for. Pero la afirmación que titula este artículo merece una reflexión desde laRead more

Positive thinking finally appears (VW Passat UK)

La crisis pedía a gritos que alguna marca deje ya de ofrecer ventajas de precio y prestaciones para centrase en un enfoque que llegue mejor al hemisferio derecho de nuestros cerebros: Lo ha hecho la agencia DDB de Londres para un anuncio del VolksWagen Passat. El concepto no puede ser más claro y anti-crisis: POSITIVERead more

Say NO when you mean YES… A new form of lateral thinking?

[youtube-] This is the latest U.S. campaign on the upcoming elections 4 November. Although it may seem incredible, the campaign aims to encourage voting, voter turnout. In the United States, it is rare for a presidential campaign to surpass 50% participation. A lot of people don't get involved, and between them, young groups, the most marginalized... … Read more