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Personal Brand Diagnostics (4) Crystal

We continue with the diagnostic phase of our personal brand, our self-knowledge. The first part of the diagnosis is focused on external feedback, with valuable advice from specialist Naomi Vico. The second one we started working on self-diagnosis, our internal feedback, with the powerful D.I.S.C. tool. and the help of expert Virginia Guisasola The third part, … Read more

external feedback on personal brand diagnosis

Personal Brand Diagnostics 1: External feedback

Given the reasons why to manage (or not) our personal brand, we move on to the first phase of personal brand diagnosis, external feedback. To do this I have asked a great specialist for help, Naomi Vico, co-author of the book Smart Feedback (Lid Editorial, 2018). This tour follows the Methodology of the Personal Brand Iceberg, Whose … Read more

Dialogue on personal branding / Guillem Recolons & Paula Fernández-Ochoa

Personal branding dialogue, the #BrandingWeekRD's preview

My colleague Paula Fernández-Ochoa and I offered a dialogue about personal branding that we titled “You stand out or go extinct“. It was within the framework of a webinar organized by Quifer Consultores (Dominican Republic) like warming up or warming up of events that will take place in the #BrandingWeekRD of early February 2019 in Santo Domingo. tea … Read more

personal communication plan

Personal communication plan: Where do I start?

The personal communication plan or visibility plan is the last stage of the Personal Brand Iceberg, which will get us out of anonymity or enhance the impression and dissemination of our brand. We could say that we are facing the construction of the roof of the house, which means that we will have consolidated the … Read more personal branding

Personal brand, business model and collaborative environment

The post analyzes the relationship between personal brand, personal business model and collaborative environment to seek employment or to generate effective networking