execution of ideas, best with seniors

Ideas are great, but its execution is everything (and in that the seniors are great)

This week I recalled something that happened very often in the golden age of advertising agencies: Hundreds of new ideas were generated each week. The truth, However, is that very few came to its execution. The drawers of the agencies were full of good ideas, abandoned until they came … Read more

10 ideas that deserve to be shared

10 ideas that deserve to be shared (and on video, Best)

TEDx Eixample 2019: The videos with 10 ideas from the speakers of the past 22/3. Presentation If you're new to this blog, two essential information: 1. Although I dedicate myself to Personal Branding, I'm a real fan of TED and TEDx talks 2. In addition, I volunteer for TEDx Eixample, who has celebrated his … Read more

If Apple loses, we're all going to fuck off

Today is a great day for innovation and creativity. Today we learned that Samsung must compensate Apple for plagiarism. Specifically, iPhone patents were at stake. Samsung, with all due respect, he had no qualms about copying with his Galaxy model everything that was on the iPhone. Of course, Also … Read more