Digital Selling Index

Personal brand diagnosis 5: Digital Selling Index

Within the diagnostic phase, we started with Alex Lopez the digital series, this time analyzing the powerful Digital Selling Index tool. Until now, previous chapters of offline diagnosis have dealt with external feedback, with Naomi Vico. In internal feedback, the D.I.S.C. tool. with Virginia Guisasola, the test of the 16 personalities with Helena Casas, … Read more

content remains king

The content remains the king of the jungle 2.0

If many gave up on the blog (And they were wrong), now the same voices augur the end of the era of content. And, from what I see, they're wrong again. The platforms where the content resides may evolve (You know, Podcasts...), but little else. Content remains king. This is … Read more

#TheFollowerObsession guillemrecolons

#TheFollowerObsession Followers? Fans? Contacts? Better few and good

Today I deal with a disease that is becoming an epidemic: #TheFollowerObsession, or the absurd obsession with collecting followers, contacts or fans. A few months ago I approached the topic from another angle in the post Mark package as value proposition does it work?. There I was referring to this absurd habit of some to place his name next to … Read more