#lateraltwits 26 Twitter as a means of recruiting people

I hope the companies that are engaged in HR do not be angry with me, but the truth is that Twitter is gradually becoming an interesting networking and recruitment tool “Talent”. I was able to check it in person when two clients asked me to locate very certain profiles with a haste … Read more

#lateraltwits 20 Twitter as a web symbol 2.0

Follow whoever follows you (except spamers), create ready to follow more closely the people you're interested in, retwite what you see interesting - sharing is one of the symbols 2.0-, many @respuestas indicate open and close-minded, Twitter is addictive so set it a schedule, always leaves 20 free space characters for … Read more

#lateraltwits 16 Twitter as a public agenda (politics and Twitter)

Also, Twitter is also a public agenda. Who might be interested in making your agenda public? (or part of your agenda). For starters, political office, For example. Since the use of Twitter became widespread, about two years ago, I've noticed that there are a lot of public figures who use Twitter as an agenda for … Read more

#lateraltwits 07 Twitter as an open social network

In the series "LateralTwits" we have already talked about Twitter as a means of communication, Twitter as a platform for dialogue, Twitter as a means of information , Twitter as a means of contact, Twitter as a public forum and Twitter as a means of reporting. Today we talk about Twitter as an open social network. We actually already went over that in the … Read more