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Personal Online brand do you dare to choose the black pill?

Morpheus offers Neo a choice between blue or red pill. Blue will allow you to forget sorrows and stay in virtual reality, while the red one will free him from it and lead him into the painful and cruel real world... remember The Matrix? They've passed 20 Years. And now the real world … Read more

Faq (4) personal branding

Personal Branding FAQ 20 Faq (4)

What's promised is debt. After the first, the second, and the third installment a few days ago I filed a FAQ (4) with new issues emerging in talks and formations. For the time being, I've addressed the following questions and their answers: Faq (1) Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this take a long time? Personal Branding FAQ … Read more

10 years of this blog

Ten years of incontinence, ten years of this blog

Ten years of not being able to suppress my thoughts, my ideas. Ten years of incontinence. The principle is undressing. Then you realize that this mental striptease is not negative if it has its audience and, especially, if it gives you value. Well, yes, this month marks ten years of this blog It was the spring of … Read more