three stages of digital activity on the Internet

The three stages of digital activity of our personal brand, which is yours?

This week rosa Carvajal interviewed me, Journalist, asking about issues related to recruiters, candidates and stages of digital activity on the Internet and social media. One of the questions referred to the extent to which non-presence on the Internet could be equated to non-existence for recruiters. And that made me see that … Read more

you google your name? Digital personal brand

Do you google your name? You better google for what you know how to do like no one else

Those of us who are dedicated to this beautiful combination of art and science that is personal branding are clear. They're going to find us googled by our profession (Example: expert in branding staff) and if they find us there they'll google us by name and choose us - or not- by the strength of our personal brand. … Read more