identify the #iDiot

Identifying a profile that invades the network: the #iDiot

#iDiot Ignorant Digital Infamous Opportunist Tramposo It is reasonable to think that if there are parasites in real life, let's also find them on the Internet. The problem is that in real life they are easy to detect, in the digital world not so much. Some tools are needed, some pay, to discover the #iDiot. Its main form … Read more

Personal and ethical brand / Guillem Recolons

Personal brand and business ethics: a binomial that works and goes to more

Jesus of Nazareth is credited with the phrase “the one of you who is free from sin, throwing the first stone…”. That's what I want to remember that, “which more than the least, all why shut up we have”. Business Ethics Beyond the Philosophical Sense of Business Ethics, I like to analyze it in the sense of: Set … Read more