Marches start with one step. Brands too.

Nadie nos regalará nada. Dejar marca es fácil, cualquiera puede hacerlo. Dejar una buena marca requiere años de constancia y esfuerzo. Dicen que las marchas empiezan por un paso. Brands too. Pero después del primero va el segundo, y después el tercero, y después… …Constancy, constancy, constancy. Nobody, ninguna persona, ningún pueblo, conseguirá suRead more

Online presence: the visibility of your business

In the company, every new technological breakthrough has been reluctantly made. In the moment, questioned the use of the cash register, computer, Fax, mobile phone or internet. Adopt the technology in question at the right time is always a great competitive advantage, so going late can go very expensive. In … Read more

#lateraltwits 24 Twitter as a witness from day to day

Many people think that Twitter only serves to text up 140 Characters. Fewer people know that links can be added. And even fewer people know that Tweets can incorporate photography or video. Well, I don't see it.! No, it's not like other Facebook-type networks where you see the photo on-site. The … Read more