Human Marketing V: The fourth C is Communicate

In addition to establishing our personal brand, built and built on real values, and on a vital argument consistent with who we are and with our aspirations, human marketing establishes relationships between people, between personal brands. Both the aspects of visibility and attitude are the basis of a communication strategy. Communication between … Read more

Human Marketing IV: Collaborating is key

We started this fourth installment of "Human Marketing" remembering the four "C": Believe, Trust, Collaborate and Communicate. Today we focus on an important "C", Collaborate. Kotler and his "10 principles of new marketing" must be referenced, in that it cites collaborative marketing and defines it as a marketing that evolves from the transactional (1950) and relational (1980) … Read more

Human Marketing III: question of trust

The tremendous impact on various social forums that is generating this new twist to marketing (#human marketing) was somewhat predictable, although it does not cease to surprise us the ease and enthusiasm with which this proposal is being assumed that more than changing the point of view that the new marketing has of the new market what … Read more

Human Marketing II: With "C" of CREER

We said last Tuesday that HUMAN MARKETING is a way of doing marketing that does not have 4 "P" but 4 "C": Believe, Trust, Collaborate, Communicate. Today we focus this second part on the first "C": CREER De las distintas definiciones del verbo creer que encontramos en la RAE, We stay with this one: Giving credit to someone. TanRead more

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Human Marketing I: Because we are not customers or consumers, we're people

I leave you the series of articles that talk about a new perspective on marketing, we call it Human Marketing. They are collaboratively written by Pablo Adam and Guillem Recolons. How many times have we heard that well-sounding reflection that a new era comes. Well, don't stare because it's already arrived. Supongo que si siguesRead more