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Your business model: how to move from diagnosis to action plan

I often encounter misconceptions in the business model canvas. If you understand it as a mere current situation diagnosis, you'll find little use. Ideally, you should think of it as a diagnosis + strategic model to develop an action plan. Let's go in parts. What is a business model? For what … Read more

if you're looking for a job, you go for the 80% hidden offer / guillem recolons

If you're looking for a job, better go for the 80 and forget about 20

It is said that a 80% job offers is not published. If you're looking for a job, Don't you think better to go after the 80 and forget about 20? The past 3 Avilés held an extraordinarily organized personal brand congress by the City Council's Training and Employment team and … Read more

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Personal communication plan: Where do I start?

The personal communication plan or visibility plan is the last stage of the Personal Brand Iceberg, which will get us out of anonymity or enhance the impression and dissemination of our brand. We could say that we are facing the construction of the roof of the house, which means that we will have consolidated the … Read more

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Low Cost, A new form of lateral thinking?. The talk about low cost and TVLowCost at ESADE

The Past 13 And 15 May took place in Madrid and Barcelona respectively the low cost monographs under the title “The low cost business model and the main strategic options of competitors”. The conference was addressed to ESADE alumni, and the truth is that both sessions were a success both … Read more