Personal brand diagnosis 13: Building the SDFO

In the 4 last chapters of the Iceberg series I have dealt with the "D" of "Weaknesses" with Elena Arnaiz, the "F" of Strongholds with Xavi Roca, the "A" of Threats with Arancha Ruiz and the "O" of Opportunities with Francisco Alcaide. A luxury. It's the turn to build the SDSO, and to do it in a practical and practical way … Read more

Difference in personal marketing and personal branding

Personal Branding and Personal Marketing Is it the same?

The confusion between personal branding and personal marketing exists, and it has its logical point. It comes from the same confusion between branding and marketing. I myself was the victim of this confusion. In my time as a publicist, most companies went to branding companies for a logo, not for a … Read more

values in personal political branding

Three key values in Political Personal Branding, or why confidence falls

Political Branding Staff? I must admit that my first clients at Personal Branding, In 2006, were active politicians. I'd rather not give names for avoiding stupid typecasting in one option or another. You know, now politics has lost the strategic position of the center and gone to extremes. That implies memez … Read more

Brand ambassadors

The brand ambassadors of the house: the bridge of trust

Guillem: Let me ask you a question, Nancy: Who do you trust most, in an influencer who recommends a product or service, in a convinced user, or the expert who created it with you in mind (the brand ambassador of the house)? Nancy: Good question, Guillem. For me the ideal is the combination … Read more

Team Branding: team spirit against your competitors

Team Branding: team spirit against your competitors

Man does not have to make great efforts to create great works... you just have the tools you need: wanting to do it, a good idea and a great team. If you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to go far see accompanied African Proverb Sometimes we complicate existence wanting to do everything ourselves, our EGO says … Read more