Any tips to survive on LinkedIn (Ⅱ)

As a complement to the post that we published the 21 last June (see post), this time we go into more detail of how to improve networking via LinkedIn. I owe the text to Frank Scipion's blog, I think he's done an excellent job called “Vitamin cure for your LinkedIn profile“. … Read more

charged batteries

Batteries charged? Work your personal brand as a new seasonal challenge

They say that September and January are new stages. September means reentré, the start of work after the holiday, with the batteries charged to the fullest and perhaps some with that little depression that involves the turn “al cole”


Networking 05 / Smile!

Smile Smiles, Please. This is a simple and basic principle of personal branding, and a lot of people skip it. Nobody likes to do business with someone who frowns. It's easier to build up working relationships with someone who says good morning with a smile. This basic rule was created in 1936 By … Read more

Networking 04 / Let's be generous with information

Information is one of the most precious resources. Often we are so jealous of our work or our method that everything stays home. My advice is to share information. If we do, we'll get a WOM (mouth-ear, to understand us) interesting that in the end it will benefit us. Suggestions, Ideas, open debates, everything goes to help someone … Read more

Networking 03 / For starters, a compliment

Puede parecer un principio básico, pero a menudo nos olvidamos. Cada vez que necesitamos algo de alguien, lo mejor es empezar por un cumplido. Los niños lo hacen a menudo: primero te dicen que eres muy guapo o muy fuerte, y luego te piden que les subasa caballito”. No son nadie. In the … Read more

Networking 02 / Never eat alone

I read on Amazon and in several blogs the following review of the book “Never eat alone” by Keith Ferrazzi: Keith Ferrazzi is the youngest partner in the history of Deloitte Consulting and founder of consulting firm Ferrazzi Greenlight. In the book, the author intends to differentiate himself from the classic techniques of handshake … Read more

Networking 01/ Curious e-mail e-mail e-mail rule

En el apartado de consejos para mejorar el networking, There is a hidden rule that consists of trying to avoid the word “I” at least up to the third or fourth sentence. It's not easy, but insisting a little comes out. What will the “I” to deserve that treatment? Perhaps the answer is the networking specialist … Read more

Any tips to survive on LinkedIn

It is indisputable that LinkedIn has established itself as the world's leading networking network. Released only 6 years from Mountain View, California, today has about 70 millions of professionals. LinkedIn is visited an average of 37 minutes a month, and Spain is the 7th country in the LinkedIn ranking with nearly … Read more