You're not what you promise., if not what you prove

Aunque no tengo el honor de conocer a Patrick Renvoise, experto en neuromarketing, I completely agree with your statement: we are not what we promise, we are what we demonstrate. I do not intend in this post to theorize about neuromarketing, that's what specialists are for. Pero la afirmación que titula este artículo merece una reflexión desde laRead more

RESEARCH OF 'NEUROMARKETING': Study shows anti-smoking campaigns make smoking cravings

Extracted from The World: Publicists should rethink their methods in light of Martin Lindstrom's findings. The subliminal factor is more important than it seems, as set out in the new book by the sales expert, 'Buyology', a study of how consumers react to the impacts of brands. For example, Yes … Read more