Do I know you? Notoriety as a stage 1 of the personal message

Notoriety is stage 1 of a personal message. Discover the different ways to make yourself known, classics and online, in this article.

#lateraltwits 21 Twitter as a teaser

Those of us who have moved in the advertising environment know the magic of teaser. Remember those campaigns with powerful messages that no one signs? That's a teaser. (pronunciese tiser).It is also known as an unknown campaign. It's a preview of a campaign, of a pitch, of an event. Its main function is to create … Read more

Rodolfo Chikilicuatre: In defense of notoriety. Freaky is also creative.

Rodolfo Chikilicuatre will finally represent Spain at the Eurovision song contest with the piece “Chiki Chiki”. I've read countless criticisms about the horrendoy, Freak, song and singer. But the truth is that a song that adds up almost 3 millions of google views has to be something special, And it is. … Read more