The Great Day of the Fri potato

The Harvard School of Public Health has conducted important research on the origin of gradual weight gain in adults. There's really nothing new under the sun.: red and processed meats and refined cereals take the palm. But there is one fact that strikes me powerfully.: The … Read more

The NUDGE philosophy gives us a new idea for car parks

In March 2009 (see post) and also in June (see post) we're already talking about philosophy “of the push” or NUDGE that makes things easier for citizens. This time we come back with a proposal around public car parks. The idea, formulated by a reader of the book “Nudge” it is based on painting narrower squares … Read more

Nudge or the philosophy of push

In a post 10 March 2009 we've already talked about philosophy “Nudge” (see post). Here I detail another example of application of the Nudge philosophy appears in his book: In Chicago there is a very dangerous curve that has already caused many accidents. One of the formulas that the city authorities have … Read more

"Excellent, but not enough" vs NUDGE . Similarities between Edward de Bono and Obama's new sources of inspiration.

In its "new words" message 2 February, Edward de Bono highlights the need to create new words to facilitate language. I am particularly struck by De Bono's reflection on the new word “EBNE” (Excellent, but not enough, "Excellent But Not Enough"). Without that word … Read more