Dialogue on personal branding / Guillem Recolons & Paula Fernández-Ochoa

Personal branding dialogue, the #BrandingWeekRD's preview

My colleague Paula Fernández-Ochoa and I offered a dialogue about personal branding that we titled “You stand out or go extinct“. It was within the framework of a webinar organized by Quifer Consultores (Dominican Republic) like warming up or warming up of events that will take place in the #BrandingWeekRD of early February 2019 in Santo Domingo. tea … Read more

overrated normality

Normality is overrated

No, I don't invite you to become an anti-system, it doesn't go that way. It's just that our society, historically it has overestimated normality. We are children of the generation of caution and discretion. Child, Don't do this, no one does. Child, do this, which is what everyone does. … Read more

ebook #ARD_ebook soymimarca

Authentic, Relevant, different #ARD_ebook

Authentic, Relevant, different are key in an impeccable personal brand, and they're also titled the last ebook 2014 from Soymimarca, already in free download

The e-book with the best of Soymimarca of 2012

Soymimarca presented on Christmas Day “It's personal.”, the e-book that sums up the best of the 2012 on personal branding blog