12 hours of personal branding / Guillem Recolons

7 weeks and a half of vertigo and 12 hours of personal branding

What's been going on these last few weeks has been exciting, crazy. It concluded with 12 hours of personal branding, but behind there's a world. It is confirmed that anything is possible with equipment, ideas and will. Here is the making of the 3rd International Congress on Personal Brand Personal Branding Lab Day (aliases #PBLabDay17), and a guide to … Read more

The strength of the branding staff in the company

The strength of the Personal Branding in the company #PBlabDay17

Yes. That's the motto of the upcoming Personal Branding Lab Day 22 June 2017: The strength of Personal Branding in the company. The first two editions were devoted to the fundamentals of the personal brand and its advantages for professionals. But it's up to those who can benefit most from the advantages of the different … Read more