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Corporate Personal Branding : Applications, pros and cons

Guillem Recolons analyzes the applications of Personal Branding in the Company and details its advantages and disadvantages (Version 2021)

disloyalties to brands

What to do when disloyality becomes the norm

    To make things clear, I'm not going to talk about marriage disloyal disloyalcy. The issue to be dealt with today, very worrying from a branding perspective, is disloyality towards brands. A few days ago I was able to read a preview of the new Nielsen's Global Consumer Loyalty in Nielsen Europe's Press Room. I translate the data … Read more

a more human world

A technology at the service of a more human world is possible

A few weeks ago I was treating the human connection in the title post Can we promote a culture of human connection in the age of machines? As a follow-up to the ideas contained in that article, today we highlight in this collaborative post conclusions of two events that have been produced recently and that point in that direction, In … Read more

human connection

Can we promote a culture of human connection in the age of machines?

About human connection I think that those of us who are dedicated to branding, whether personal or corporate, we have a lot to do with human connection. I've been reading texts for a few days and reviewing interesting videos about that human connection in a world where machines are increasingly "learning" more and more. A vision video … Read more

Faq (4) personal branding

Personal Branding FAQ 20 Faq (4)

What's promised is debt. After the first, the second, and the third installment a few days ago I filed a FAQ (4) with new issues emerging in talks and formations. For the time being, I've addressed the following questions and their answers: Faq (1) Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this take a long time? Personal Branding FAQ … Read more

10 years of this blog

Ten years of incontinence, ten years of this blog

Ten years of not being able to suppress my thoughts, my ideas. Ten years of incontinence. The principle is undressing. Then you realize that this mental striptease is not negative if it has its audience and, especially, if it gives you value. Well, yes, this month marks ten years of this blog It was the spring of … Read more

corporate blog mistakes

8 common mistakes in corporate blogs

Although I'm not an online marketing specialist, my own experience of 7 years with soymimarca's blog, one of the corporate blogs of the personal branding, encourage me to suggest some ideas to make this path more bearable. I have seen during these years many mistakes made by improvisation and lack of professionalism, And … Read more

employer branding and vision

No corporate vision no employer branding worth

Just over a year and a half ago I gave a training for one of the world's great consultancy. For me, corporate vision, the purpose, is essential in terms of personal branding and employer branding. The thing is, that company's vision, In 2016 booted with a “be the leaders in…”. All … Read more