boosting social conscience

The drive of social awareness and personal branding

A week ago I was aiming in the article Trends 2020 in Personal Branding seven of which for me will be the most relevant trends for 2020. And I've set out to develop each of these trends over 7 Weeks, starting with one of the ones I think can change things the most: the impetus of the … Read more

vulnerability and personal branding / guillem recolons

Leadership, vulnerability and personal branding

    Vulnerability is human, and it makes a powerful difference to us in the face of robots (at least for now). A few days ago I was able to read a fantastic text published in Fast Company by Chris Litster, CEO of Buildium, a platform to help property managers streamline their businesses. I'm not going to … Read more

Why not / web

Some advantages of changing Why? for a why not?

That, Why not? If you know me, you'll know I'm not very given to motivational or esoteric speeches.. In my opinion, the words "quality", "democracy" and "passion" have been so spent that they have gone to the other side, they are often used when you don't have. Although my profile is more emotional than rational, Have … Read more

overdose of purposes

How we manage purpose overdose in the absence of PURPOSE

Every new start to the year or season is an ideal time to consider an overdose of purposes that end up falling (mostly) in the inkwell. The new intentions will stay on that if we don't put two basic ingredients in them: sense and action plan. Make sense of everything: THE PURPOSE I think … Read more

The entrepreneur is also a person

Believe it or not, an entrepreneur is also a person

Yes, the entrepreneur has had bad press as a collective. Surely it is due to that opacity in the way he communicates (or not communicate). Fortunately, something is changing. And those beings that looked like iron now show their vulnerabilities, their emotions, his human condition. The entrepreneur is like you.. The entrepreneur is like you.; it's more, … Read more


What is the positive impact you want to leave on society? You got it? It's called purpose

Why do you get up every morning, beyond money or happiness? Is it in your hands to improve the world, or a small part of it? Why or who are you willing to fight for? What makes you sometimes don't remember the time to eat? and I add What's the impact … Read more