I'm the only person in this world who..

I am the only person in this world who...

Paradoxically, the only exclusionary word or adjective that exists is "unique". "Unique" means that there is no other equal. During the story, this adjective has been applied to denote uniqueness, Exclusivity, Prestige, Rarity. What happens when we use "one" applied to person? A while ago I was writing a post on this same blog titled "What … Read more

Social Compliance Asch Experiment

What drives social compliance? (Asch's experiment)

Some time ago I participated in an article by Alicia Pomares with my colleagues Jordi Collell and Colia Hil entitled From fireflies to gleaming stars. It wasn't inherently about social conformity, but it does on the so-called "Solomon Asch syndrome" a pathology derived from the Asch Experiment. This pathology could be summed up as the … Read more

overrated normality

Normality is overrated

No, I don't invite you to become an anti-system, it doesn't go that way. It's just that our society, historically it has overestimated normality. We are children of the generation of caution and discretion. Child, Don't do this, no one does. Child, do this, which is what everyone does. … Read more

Faq (3) personal branding

Personal Branding FAQ 20 Faq (3)

We continue with the FAQs after the first and second installments a few days ago. For the time being, I've addressed the following questions and their answers: Faq (1) Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this take a long time? Personal Branding FAQ 2. Is this for when I'm out of a job? Personal Branding FAQ 3. Is this … Read more

in-of-experience young people

In-experience young people are wanted (although well prepared)

Is in-experience youth the same as No Value? A few days ago journalist Alba Casilda (Expansion) called me to ask me how young people without work experience should do it to succeed in networking and get into the job market right. The interview gave for a lot, and a small part of my inputs … Read more

value and values

Value and Values, the heart of the personal brand

A personal brand is the one that transmits Value and Values Makes 40 Years: A factor of choosing professionals makes 40 years was based on merit, Family, Contacts, accumulated experience… Ago 20 Years: The same factor makes 20 years valued above all competences and reputation, especially on the part of … Read more

if you're looking for a job, you go for the 80% hidden offer / guillem recolons

If you're looking for a job, better go for the 80 and forget about 20

It is said that a 80% job offers is not published. If you're looking for a job, Don't you think better to go after the 80 and forget about 20? The past 3 Avilés held an extraordinarily organized personal brand congress by the City Council's Training and Employment team and … Read more

Focus or dispersion: a dilemma in personal brand management

Focus or dispersion? A great dilemma in managing our personal brand

Yesterday I was giving a presentation on personal brand to a collective made up of family photographers at a conference held in Barcelona called PhotoForum. I am aware that asking about focus or dispersion implies conditional response, because the dispersion has a negative valuation. But we'll see it's not always that negative. The point is that … Read more