name Garcia 1

name Garcia (Ⅰ)

According to the INE, in Spain there are 1.484.707 García, of those who 82.190 they're called Garcia Garcia 935.931 González, of those who 43.028 their names are González Gonzalez 933.764 Rodriguez, of those who 44.479 their name is Rodriguez Rodriguez 928.656 Fernández, of those who 53.978 their name is Fernandez Fernandez 879.868 López, of those who 36.070 they're called Lopez … Read more

#lateraltwits 25 Twitter as a referral forum

While it's true that Twitter doesn't want to compete with Foursquare, day by day has become an interesting forum for recommendations. There are no excessive differences with classic forums, because placing a hashtag is very easy to follow the forum. If you want to know if a restaurant is interesting, or a play … Read more

#lateraltwits 23 Twitter as an error

This post will create more than one enemy, I'm conscious. Error 1: use Twitter as the one who uses an instant messaging program, noting that your message can be read by thousands of people who don't have time to read stupid things. Life must not be tweeted. Giving the good morning, explain that … Read more

#lateraltwits 11 Twitter as a public opinion thermometer

We continue the series dedicated to Twitter, today watching Twitter as a public opinion thermometer. It's true, not everyone is on Twitter - for now -, so it can't be representative as a national average. Twitter user profile is essentially different from Facebook's. On the chart below you have … Read more

#lateraltwits 07 Twitter as an open social network

In the series "LateralTwits" we have already talked about Twitter as a means of communication, Twitter as a platform for dialogue, Twitter as a means of information , Twitter as a means of contact, Twitter as a public forum and Twitter as a means of reporting. Today we talk about Twitter as an open social network. We actually already went over that in the … Read more

Who says a resume can't be emotional?

Globalization and widespread standardization have made it possible for all the curriculums in the world to be equal, almost cloned. We are surrounded by websites, Consultants, regulations that tell how a resume should be drafted. It's funny., almost all agree on everything. Dates in order from newest to oldest, without excessive personal data, … Read more

It's not about the number of contacts, it's about how we interact with them

In our personal brand management, quantity is often mistaken for quality. It is true that networking is based on propability, and the higher, Best. Although it is also true that we are in the age of affinities, personal segmentation, one-to-one, And, in short, personalization. Have 5.000 contacts in … Read more