3. Do you lead or follow the crowd?

Leading or following the crowd are options. Leading has a cost, but also great rewards. While some do not believe, you are not born a leader. There are specific techniques and learnings to reinforce team leadership. Self-confidence helps that sense of leadership. What do Jesus of Nazareth have in common?, July … Read more

Fundación Vicente Ferrer

2. In what ways do you create value?

Para una empresa existen muchas formas de crear valor. La originalidad de un producto, a service, o de un proceso productivo pueden ayudar a la compañía a generar valor. ¿Y para una persona? Ayer iniciamos la primera pregunta de esta serie con ¿Qué te hace indispensable?. Para reforzar nuestra marca personal es indispensable crear valor. … Read more

indispensable person

1. What makes you an indispensable person?

Indispensable person? With this post I start a series of questions that will help us reinforce our personal brand. Some are inspired by the blog of one of the world gurus of personal branding: Dan Schawbel. Some say that cemeteries are full of indispensable people. True, there is possibly no one indispensable. But here the meaning … Read more