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Unhable skills (short story)

We often think that some skills we acquire long we can be useful lifetime. Unfortunately it's not like that.. I've been talking a lot about the importance of context. The context is the one that will confirm whether those skills are in place or need to be updated. If you studied construction engineering and a … Read more

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Churchill and the Elephant Rope: Never give up #Relato

One of the many quotes that make up Winston Churchill's personal legacy and brand is "Never Give Up". The most popular "Never Give Up" To Be Precise, the words of the great British prime minister were: "Never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give … Read more

Context and storytelling / guillem recolons

Don't judge without knowing the context and the story of the other

Look at the boy in the picture. You don't know him., but maybe you'd be able to venture out a character stereotype based on your experience… Cocky boy who's run away from home? Young adventurer looking for experiences? The truth is that we have a certain tendency to judge and fabricating stories without first knowing the … Read more

keys and a professional reinvention story

A key and a story for your next professional reinvention

Over the course of your life, there will be good times and bad times, moments when you'll find yourself invincible and moments when you'll feel defeated and useless. The moments when you think you're invincible don't last long, so you should enjoy them and taste them because you'll soon find something that will remind you … Read more

Storytelling and personal branding / Guillem Recolons

Storytelling: the speech that connects, seduces and convinces

Stories can change the world The choice factor between two professionals with identical hard knowledge and similar trajectories may be in the ease of emotionally reaching your interlocutor. We have no doubt about that anymore.: stories can change the world. Although the art of storytelling goes back to ancient caves, … Read more

I want to accompany you in your change, Do you leave?

Four or five days ago my friend and partner Jordi Collell published the attached post on the SOYMIMARCA blog. I think it's an excellent example of storytelling, so I re-publish it with your permission for everyone who follows this blog. If you ever have to explain your professional adventure, here you have a great fountain … Read more