Infographic: components of the perfect story, by Guillem Recolons

#Storytelling How to knit the perfect story

Can anyone say that a story, as well-counted as it is, it's unbeatable? Perhaps a perfect story? Llevo algunos años siguiendo a los grandes del storytelling, reading his books, going to talks (the ones I've been able to), reading articles, attending workshops, empapándome de los mejores TED. Incluso he impartido mis propios talleres sobre la materiaRead more

there is no social employee without a social enterprise

No social worker without a social enterprise (The IBM case)

No social worker without a social enterprise. This is how the article The rise of the social employee in the company that published a few days ago on Soymimarca and Linkedin simultaneously. Companies still distrust this figure of the social employee. Sometimes ignorance, sometimes out of fear. Perhaps that's why I'd like to work with data and … Read more