Tv: Sólo vemos el 2,6% de los anuncios emitidos en ‘prime time

Mensaje urgente para todas las marcas que se anuncian en TV o que piensan hacerlo pronto: Los telespectadores sólo ven el 2,6% de los anuncios emitidos en ‘prime time’. Eso es lo que se extrae del último índice de publicidad en televisión elaborado por Zenithmedia, correspondiente a los tres primeros del año. Of the 1.492 … Read more

A new value model based on a combination of creative ingenuity, new focus on media planning and spot production prioritizing the main message and brand: that's TVLowCost

Guillem RecolonsConvened that everything leaves its mark, I help companies better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (programs of branded internal ambassadors). Socio of Soymimarca's Integra Personal Branding, Brand Directory of Omnia Branding, I also collaborate with Ponte en Valor, Brandergizers, … Read more

If shoppers* watch TV during the day, Why everyone uses prime-time to reach them??.

It's absurd.. If a 43% of housewives and a 41% of seniors watch TV outside the hours of greatest saturation (after-dinner and overnight), What is the point of dedicating the 80% from a media budget to place spots in prime-time?. For some reason I don't know, media buying centers … Read more

The philosophy of turning the quest for chollos into a smart attitude extends among consumers – White brands and low-cost consumption reach the services sector

I reproduce the article “I'm not a fool” by Lluís Pellicer appeared in El País on 11 November 2008 The bargain of a lifetime made business. Low cost flights, low cost clothing, low cost lawyers… Even massages! An entire industry dedicated to the low cost concept is consolidated in Spain. The price of the … Read more

Edward de Bono's recent message, father of lateral thinking: 'thinking to be a problem

Mistranslated, Be: we just think of solutions to problems. Here is the original text, my translation and my comments: "Because we often consider 'thinking' to be problem solving we do not think much about matters which are not problems. If there is a wide open road ahead of us do not stop to consider … Read more

Contrary to what many may think, advertising agencies rarely think of "low cost" format

An advanced lateral thinking approach: the philosophy of the agency TVLowCost in the United Kingdom. I transcribe it literally so as not to blur the concept with a subjective translation. 1° « Low Cost » means you have a choice Everyone knows and accepts this today. Neither easyJet nor Ryanair hides the fact that their flight times … Read more

lateral thinking

Low Cost, A new form of lateral thinking?. The talk about low cost and TVLowCost at ESADE

The Past 13 And 15 May took place in Madrid and Barcelona respectively the low cost monographs under the title “The low cost business model and the main strategic options of competitors”. The conference was addressed to ESADE alumni, and the truth is that both sessions were a success both … Read more

Advertising in periods of recession: When good times go by, you have to announce yourself. When times are bad, it is obligatory to advertise

We've got it on us.. The recession is going down all over the world, but it seems that in Spain it enters more strongly. Many companies have already started reducing their marketing investments to save resources and maintain profit margins. Managers know that's not the best solution, but they think "what else can I do". It's not easy to maintain the level of investments when your billing will be reduced in the coming months.

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TVLowCost: low-cost TV campaigns, but with high creativity and good performance.

Uno de los lanzamientos que más me ha llamado la atención de los últimos años ha sido TVLowCost. Una iniciativa del publicitario francés Jean-Paul Tréguer que después de tres años está dando sus frutos. The secret? Bringing the possibility of using television advertisers EVERYONE, no importa su tamaño. La fórmula mágica se basa en la utilización de unpaqueteque agrupa creatividad, Strategy, Coordination, rodaje, campaña en televisión y, Of course, Research, tanto cualitativa como cuantitativa. El paquete tiene un precio muy atractivo: en Francia 250.000€ para 100 spots nacionales, en el Reino Unido £200.000, en España 200.000€, y lo que es mejor es que no implica un contrato de larga duración con el anunciante.

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