#lateraltwits 24 Twitter as a witness from day to day

Many people think that Twitter only serves to text up 140 Characters. Fewer people know that links can be added. And even fewer people know that Tweets can incorporate photography or video. Well, I don't see it.! No, it's not like other Facebook-type networks where you see the photo on-site. The … Read more

#lateraltwits 13 Twitter as a livelihood

Sounds a little harsh., But yes, there are companies and people who make a living with Twitter. And many! Just as there are people who make a living with esoteric services on phones 900 and websites of dubious content, Twitter is for many professionals a livelihood. For starters, developers … Read more

@everybody: Squeeze that orange called Twitter

To build your personal brand interest, among other things, get followers on Twitter. Here I leave some tips to boost Twitter and get more out: Fairplay acts: follow your followers and answer questions or comments they ask you directly. Twice a day, retweet an interesting post you've found … Read more