Show yourself as you are in person, on paper and online

Just the way you are

If you don't show up the way you are, it's hard for you to sustain a solid personal brand, coherent and attractive. Yes, I know: Today it's hard to distinguish yourself in such a competitive market. Online media is available to everyone. A lot of people think that filling up on masters and graduates will guarantee them the best job. It's not like that..

To impress companies or investors you must do it with your real YO, and it doesn't matter in what format, in an interview (in person) in a business plan or CV (Paper) or on the Internet (Online).

Today, keep the line doesn't go nutrition, it's about consistency

Consistency is key: You can't show a different ME in a coffee shop, on Twitter or in that role that some are hell-bent on continuing to ask for it's called CV. If you want to take a different role than the professional, You can do it, No problem. I think our actions and values speak more about us than the pompous titles we put on Linkedin or on a CV.

Your life matters, your brand matters

Your brand is your reputation, your business card. It's what you leave in the minds of others and the experience you provide them. It's explaining your Why, Your How And you What.

You mark the powers by moving a value proposition and experience to those you interact with who can open the door to a universe of opportunities. Deny your personality, your branded DNA, to your main message is NOT to show you how you are, is to show a mask of you, a profile Matrix.

We are made of triumphs and failures, that's our strength

I was shocked by film Arrival (The Arribal), a recent jewel of obligatory vision. I won't explain what it's about so I don't break the magic, but I was struck by a powerful question: If you could do it, would you change anything from your previous life?

The answer is in the cinema, but I insist once again on the idea that we are made of successes and failures. What makes us strong are not one or the other, but some and some. Don't sell the idea that you've grown up on a flower bed because I won't believe it.. But it's also going to be un handy.. Proudly show your scars, project yourself as you are. Em persona, on paper or on the net. Have a great week.

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7 thoughts on "Show yourself as you are in person, on paper and online”

  1. Very good reflection, it is clear to me that creating a personal brand can be left with a few, your work, your friends, your peers at a university, on social media. But the most important thing you mention, is to make yourself known to an older audience, lose fear of a radio or television interview, conference or be a speaker of an association, this experience will train and visualize you to get to know you more thoroughly, and therefore to make a mark of your effort to help others. We don't just convey an idea, but we change people.
    We lose fear and opportunities for transformation will come.
    Greetings friend Guillem

  2. Thank you Guillem for your article. I've always defended this way of seeing life. there's a lot of personal values. I would like to know your opinion regarding what happens when your personal brand is based on a positioning that ensures success and does not correspond to your personal positioning?. People expect certain things from you (both positive and negative) and it doesn't correspond as you really are, But… you're not unhappy with that stance either.. Thank you for your response and congratulations on your article.


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