Do I know you? Notoriety as a stage 1 of the personal message


Notoriety is the first stage of a personal message. Discover in this article the different ways to make yourself known, from the classic and infallible to those that have revolutionized communication, online.

I said last week that the five stages of a compelling personal message are:

  1. Notoriety. I know you?
  2. Affinity I know what you offer?
  3. Lace Do I need what you're proposing?
  4. Choice. Are you better than your competition?
  5. Loyalty Do you keep your promises?


doIknowyouCertainly, if I don't know you I will hardly know what you offer. So here we speak of a Iceberg inverted, in which the first contact with someone occurs through visibility.

Today, Fortunately, there are more ways to make yourself known than you do, For example, 10 Years.


We have the classic and infallible like writing a book, appear regularly in some medium such as radio, Press, Tv. They are not available to everyone, but let's remember that there are also local stations, the regional press… Do not pretend to reach the moon on the first day.

We have the attendance to events, Events… with its corresponding card exchange (networking, if you prefer). This is within the reach of all mortals. And all you need are three things: Desire, know the planning of events related to your environment, and have business cards. Don't have a? You can also be a speaker, surely you dominate some area. If you don't dare to do it alone, try to go hand in hand with another person.

We have, at the workplace, the CV or curriculum vitae, an increasingly useless document but that many companies still require. I find it useless because it has become such a standardized format that it is almost impossible to stand out in it.. I, if I had to reinvent it, I would turn it into a sheet of paper with 10 Or 12 names and phone numbers of important people in our lives. And a message: if you really want to meet me, call them.


And now we have the world of bits, the web 2.0 or the democratization of communication (thanks to which, For example, you are reading this text). Where to start?

You have to remember something key at this stage: first the content and then the medium. It is not about creating profiles in the networks. It's about knowing who we want to address, what are the related supports, what the periodicity, what kind of answers we are looking for.

The online king medium is, No doubt, the blog. It's your virtual alter ego, your home, the place where all the information about you is summarized, about your approach to things, your passions and phobias. In short, your value proposition. It is not necessary to know how to write to manage a blog. There are author blogs that only reproduce the content of other blogs in a selective way. There are also video blogs, photoblogs…

But how does the content of a blog reach people?? Yes, through social networks. There are all tastes, but I would distinguish the personal from the professional. A tip if what you want is to generate a networking of value is that you move by Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Slideshare, Pinterest And if you want Facebook And Google Plus.

At last, do not forget to control the reputation, both real and online. If you don't, others will manage it for you (in your own way).

Recommended books at this stage of notoriety:

Next week we talk about personal affinity do I know what you offer?

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