Team Branding: team spirit against your competitors

Man does not have to make great efforts to create great works... you just have the tools you need: wanting to do it, a good idea and a great team.

If you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to get far go accompanied African Proverb

Sometimes we complicate the existence wanting to do everything ourselves, Our Ego says we're capable of doing it, But it's not true, we always need the others. And that's why a lot of topics emerged like the Influence, The Leadership... and that's also why we now manage our personal brand.

Team Branding: A team is also a brand

A team is also a brand, it's a sum, a whole! because this is where we're going to add up the best of each of us , the best of every Personal Brand that integrates this team is going to mix and give better results. Let's remember that things are a lot easier when you work as a team. But for this to work, team members must be in perfect harmony: Working towards common goals, know and identify with Values company, have the right MOTIVATION and above all, there must be a true COMMITMENT to the company and colleagues.

Each of the members of the Avengers and the justice league know that alone can have results, but they will never be able to achieve what they would achieve as a team: defeat the enemy.

Now that are so fashionable, are the best example to talk about Team Branding and personal branding, we know them for their individual work and for their teamwork (surely we have our favorite and with whom we identify), each of them SUMS a skill, a different experience or idea, know they complement each other, share a motivation, commitments and values. Even the villains team up! (Suicide Squad) and add up to make their misdeeds, then we should be able to work as a team as well.

How boring it would be if our favorite superheroes were able to solve and do everything, they wouldn't need those who provide them with technology, Information...

Behind every company, project or entrepreneurship there is a story as common as life itself, and there are also people who add up to their skills. Team Branding is born when there are customers to serve, practice skills and value to create, that's where the team becomes known for something, but it's also where we can't stop adding, you have to constantly create value, be proactive and like superheroes know our strengths and weaknesses, to with our value proposition to add to the great team.

A great team brand will have the best! They will be the best at clearly communicating what they do individually and as a team, but they will also be able to enforce the stated objectives, ensure quality and value for their customers.

Where to start?

I believe that in order to achieve a Great Team Brand and make a great Team Branding, should be started by the principle:

YOUR Personal Brand, you as an individual and your SELF-CONNING.

  • What makes you unique?
  • What's your value proposition?
  • What's your weakness?
  • Where are you going?

When you're clear about this and everything else (Personal Branding) it's easier to know what you're going to contribute, and then to work as a team you need to have:

  • Clear understanding of our target market, who we serve
  • Our core competencies, what we do better than other teams
  • Benefits we offer, the value of what we do, And finally
  • Personality of our brand, i.e. the particular way we do things.

When effective results are achieved through Team Branding they will be recognized by our customers, our competition and the team itself.

You'll have a good Feedback and good perception internally and externally, recognition will be for the team and therefore for each of the people who make it up. Each of the members will be proud of what they do, increase your productivity, their quality of work and commitment.

Strong team brand supports strategic corporate goals, helps make the company more competitive in the market, the team moves from a service role to a strategy role, the equipment becomes a reliable source of information and reference, will be relevant to other areas of the company or the same competition.

Team spirit is what gives many companies an edge over their competitors George Clements

This spirit is what makes the way things are redefined, because after as a team we provide a product or a service nothing should be the same and to show a button:


The most popular search engine on the web, And is there another?

After google nothing is the same, there are other search engines, but none of them are so fresh, dynamic and fun, in my opinion.

The Google team is made up of the 4 Fantastic, a wild card, an agitator, a leader and a business expert; Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Omid Kordestani, together they managed to carry Google to the top in a simple way, adding the best of each of them, with a touch of humility and very clear goals.

Our ability to build great works is much greater if we have the humility to develop the ability to work as a team towards a common vision, directing our individual value towards achieving common goals.

Build a team

If you want unusual results build a team, works as a team, lead and inspire your team. Whatever your role in the team you must be willing to give the whole, The Team Branding is the key.


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