goodbye demoscopy: everybody's lying

My legs are still shaking from the book's incredible review Everybody lies of the Seth Stephens-Davidowitz (Harper Collins) published in the magazine Yorokobu By Marcus Hurst under the title “Google: Humanity's Great Confessional”. A reading I recommend, start with the article and then if you cheer up, go get the book.

Stephens-Davidowitz has preferred to trust Google's big data and choose that data. And contrast them with what people declare. And, Of course, find out we lie more than we talked about.

Demoscopy is in low hours

If lies used to apply to the size of things (Fishing, Sex, Titles, Achievements), it seems that they now also apply to what is most related to our values and beliefs: we lie about what we're going to vote on, we lie with social media likes, and the worst: we lie to ourselves.

Sociologists are looking for new ways to measure through research and demoscopy. We lie too much, and any prediction that isn't based on real data is far from reality.

The big data discovers our miseries and portrays the human condition.

  • The reality contrasted with manufacturers and big data: Annual sales of condoms in the US are in the middle of the world. The U.S. is a 600 millions of units.
  • American women report sex 55 times a year, which would mean sales of 1.100 millions of condoms. The difference is 500 millions of units.
  • American heterosexual men declare an equivalent of 1.600 millions of units sold a year. The gap is 1.000 Million.

In this example, the question is who should manufacturers listen to? to your own investigations? Not anymore. Because we lie. That's what big data is for., analysis of historical sales data…

The cost of authenticity

Not long ago I meant this point in the post Do we only project the best of our personal brand?

The opposite of lying, in personal branding, is to be an authentic person. And that, although recommended, it's harder than it looks and it has its costs. How many people who have been fired from a company and recognized and published know? How many students who have dropped out of the first year in college do you know? And how many have confessed? How many entrepreneurs do you know who have closed their company before fulfilling 7 Years? And how many of them explain it? And how many are credited with responsibility?

The Internet is the big trash can and mirror of what we actually do

Interestingly, we are not able to tell the truth to an interviewer or an employer or insurance company. But we left enough prints on the net so everyone can verify that we've lied.

We have made the internet a showcase of what we want to be, but not always what we are. I had a gym teacher who always repeated “Truth will save you”, but instead we're applying another principle “our truth will be imposed”. And it's not like that.. The footprints we leave are as powerful as the ones we don't leave behind, and often show more of our desired I than our real YO.

How to act then?

I don't know a recipe.. In the end the question is simple: if you have to take a long trip with someone who has impressed you, that's the moment of truth. People I believed friends were unmasked in these kinds of experiences. Let's not let appearance prevail. Let's see what we're like, the reward is usually good.

That's for sure., demoscopy professionals I advise you to urgently reach an agreement with Google. Today it is more reliable to see the impact of a radio or TV program on social media than on media studios.

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  1. ? Let's see what we're like, the reward is usually good!!️ ??
    Another excellent contribution from Guillem.
    Thank you very much Guillén and good Summer


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