Working is already part of living; that thing about “you work to live” has expired

Following a good post of Andrés Pérez Ortega entitled Who you really work for (and that I recommend reading), I emitted a tweet supporting it with a couple of images. So far, nothing new. But a tuitero (By the way, very proud of their community judging by their Bio), name Oscar Gamarra, answer the tweet with the question: Do you work to live or live for work? Who responds?

Do you work to live or live to work? A question that, For me, has expired

I am firmly convinced that work is already part of living. Forgive me for the unemployed, but if you're looking for work you're working on a project > Finding a job. The boundary between living and working is blurring. Dan Pink identified this emerging trend in 2002 in his prophetic book Free Agent Nation. But after 2002 a lot has happened that force us to reflect:

the future of work
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  • As Kelly Palmer, CLO, responsibility lies with each person when taking control of their professional development. I mean, this does not mean the end of the training offered by companies, but the end of tutoring and responsibility for that training.
  • I often use Vijay Singh's phrase, former head of innovation at VISA Inc.: what others say about us will be the most important metric of the future. And that underscores the importance that personal brand and personal reputation have and will have.
  • On his side, consultancy McKinsey says that workers with the necessary skills and support will have greater ease in transitioning to new jobs. But it is also worth noting that these posts will also be largely for Freelancers.

Do you remember when we disconnected?

I hope the question doesn't offend. First the interruptions to our “extra-working life” with email. Subsequently it was the SMS, followed by other apps like Whatsapp or Telegram. The question is, do we take work home? or simply already we've incorporated new hybrid habits into our lives.

One can go on a week's trip in the middle of spring and continue “Fulfilling” with his job description, thanks to computers, Smartphones, video conferences… Holidays will be more unstructured. The famous month of paid vacation is already history for many (I include myself). It is replaced by small periods of escape as soon as it can be.

What I'm seeing is that work is integrated into our lives, it's no longer that if you work for a living, It's just living integrates many inseparable things, including an increasingly continuous connection to labor projects.


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10 thoughts on "Working is already part of living; that thing about “you work to live” has expired”

  1. Well, there's an interesting dilemma., because if we all want to stop working it means that on a human level it contributes nothing but money -useful, practical and necessary, but it doesn't always fill people's vital needs-

    • Hello Jose, that's not the sense of post. I'm not saying at any time that no one stops working; On the contrary, I think the current model is that we don't stop working except when we sleep. Let's be working as an employee, Own, or looking, we're always with a half-open eye, an alert that at any time an opportunity may arise. Thank you for writing!

  2. Hello Guillem, because I agree, every time work is more integrated into our life outside the office.
    But the good side is that you can also go to work outside the office.
    Good post, Best regards!!

  3. I very much agree, Guillem. I've always thought that the obsession with "separating" professional activity from the rest of your life is a mistake (plus a chimera). You have to admit it., considering the number of hours we spend on our professional activity, if you don't like your job it means you don't like your life…

    I think the real challenge is to 'integrate', without "separating". The really important thing is to "be to what you are", being present at what you're doing at every moment, whatever it is, personal or professional, with the confidence that's it, and not anything else, what makes sense to do at the time. At GTD® have a name for this: «Productive Experience» ;-)

    A hug.

    • That thing about “if you don't like your job you don't like your life” should be the title of your next book, José Miguel. A thousand thanks for your contribution, a productive experience. Hugs!!!

  4. WORK Vs Life, that's the dilemma for a lot of people
    Now that we reflect on the year ending, but above all we think about new challenges and future projects; I want to comment on this interesting reflection that you present to us, Guillem; with the future (professional and vital), Immediately, very different from the current moment, in terms of the relationships between life and work.
    One of my favorite phrases and lite motiv, of my professional life has always been “choose a job you like and you won't have to work anymore”.
    It seems that society, is finally focusing on that direction…
    Freelance work, each individual's personal training (in what we like), along with the reduction of jobs and their relocation (because of new technologies), they're going to determine how to work in the coming years.
    Unfortunately, there are always people who won't be able to achieve this new paradigm of work, difficulties in accessing key training/qualifications.
    Although it really, I'm much more concerned about those who can do it, don't be able to adapt to change, because of a widespread professional myopia in our society.

  5. As much as you love your work it takes rest time disconnection and leisure; because in the long run the excess stress to which human beings are subjected passes bill. Increasingly common psychological diseases in today's society; possible sick leave and decreased productivity. The important thing is that you can strike a balance and combine activities. In many countries more advanced than Spain the days are smaller and people have more free time for other activities and conciliation; which translates into benefits for all. It's clear that we're in line and every day more and worse

    • Today we can disconnect in many ways, even on "working" days. We may even suffer an internal dismissal. When I say that work is part of our lives, under no circumstances did I promote non-disconnection, I just show a reality. Thank you for writing, Marta!


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