Hello company, Did you know that your people are your brand?



Well, that's the way it is.: your people are your brand. And a collegiate ad publicity tells you.. Data doesn't deceive: Only one 33% consumers trust brands. On the other, A 90% consumers themselves rely on the recommendations of like-minded people (Source: Nielsen).

If you only have a minute, in this video I'll give you a summary:

The era Mad Men it's over

Many ask me if the agencies were like this, as in fiction Don Draper in Mad Men. Advertising agencies were very important during that time and until the end of the 80. The reason is that they were providers not only of creativity, but research, marketing (many companies didn't then have that department), strategic planning, media purchase... Let's go, nothing to do with what they are now, basically "boutiques" of strategy and creativity.

But now advertising is something that our millennials elude masterfully. Used AD blockers, don't watch conventional TV, few listen to the radio and basically consume the Internet without barriers. More info in the SmartMe Analytics study IAB Spain.

That's right, the Mad Men era is over. Now agencies are looking for alternative formulas to traditional advertising, to that which interrupts what we want to see, read or listen.

People trust People. If it makes sense to you, why don't you apply it?

The study Edelman Trust confirms year after year that our greatest sources of trust are people like us, technical experts from companies and academic experts.

Then, why do many companies insist on "drilling" with old-fashioned advertising, with implausible testimonies (I guess you don't think Rafa Nadal drives a Kia), with unbearable messages embedded in YouTube videos, With newsletters long and boring, with corporate blogs that are not signed and do not support comments, with the same false corporate values devised by a great consultan...?

Is it that difficult to humanize our relationship with the market? The market, collecting the Cluetrain Manifesto, it's made up of human beings, not from demographics. And companies are made up of people. White and bottled… milk or better: Your people are your brand.

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The key is to empower your people, that's the strength of a brand, of a company

There are many companies that are dedicated to building apps for employees to share corporate content across their networks. This is a good business. But that's not about asking your people to share content. A program like God commands internal brand ambassadors (employee advocacy) it requires empowering (you don't know how I hate this word) to the professionals of the house.

If I'm asked in a company to share content created by someone without a name, why should I do it? what do I gain?

Many entrepreneurs are afraid. "If I impoverish my people, they'll take away my best professionals.". Already. And if you don't empower them, they'll stay with you forever. There's no choice, it's not just about getting employees to broaden the brand's message. It's about giving them tools to understand the purpose and values, to make them their own, to manage your personal brand, to collaborate on the content that each brand creates,… Don't forget: Your people are your brand.

Your people are your brand. It's your turn to move tab

In this match, if they don't win everyone doesn't win anyone. You can't ask without giving.

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2 thoughts on "Hello company, Did you know that your people are your brand?”

  1. Hello Guillem,
    If the company takes care of its people and transmits to them that they are their wealth and know how, who are people, these will be your ambassadors.
    Pretending to turn your employees into ambassadors because I'm worth it. (the brand) it doesn't work and less if they're millennials. Take care of your “Treasure” And they'll be your best allies.
    Thank you Guillem for your reflections.
    Best regards


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