And you? Have you discovered your superpowers already? #TEDxLleida16

Superpowers? What's this about?

The 30 September I get a call from someone with superpowers. Ricard Pons, good friend and personal brander, in addition to other non-minor roles. We usually talk from time to time, and see us when you can. He proposes to me for a Tedx as speaker. I don't believe it. Why me? Oysters! Looks like he's serious.! Soon after, I spoke to Pau Samo, your great colleague, good friend of mine and coordinator of the TEDxLleida. Pau confirms.

Gee! Things get complicated. The date I'm proposing doesn't go well. I consult with Eva And Fran, those responsible for their commitment to the 11 November, expected TED date. Saved! The other commitment is flexible in dates. The 12 October is already announced my participation on the TEDxLleida website. There's less than a month left. There's no turning back. Or yes. A timely flu. No. I'm tinging. With two. In addition, preparing it can be fun. I'm going there. Go… And what am I talking about? I'm told the audience is very broad, non-specialized. Let's go, that in the audience could be my mother. A challenge.

Looking for theme

Talk about personal branding like I'm in a congress it won't work. But I've seen hundreds of TED talks throughout my life. And there's a pattern. There's always an inspiring idea. There's almost always a personal story related to that idea. I look inwards. Why am I here? Do I have a vision? Yes! Is that it! Help draw futures. That's been my vision for many years. And now the question: What led me to define that vision? Of course! Working with people. I went from working to “Large” brands and companies to work with “Small” Brands. And there's no color. From big to small. The little ones are human, they're people, Real, Lasting, Authentic. In fact, without the little ones there wouldn't be the big. This is getting nice.. But I need something else.. What sets us apart for businesses and individuals? Voila! I got it. And it starts with “Ⅴ”. It's the values.

Small Data: people's power

Small Data: people's power. That's great. I already have a degree. I'm probably not the first person to think of “Small Data”. Indeed,. I google. Ricard googles. We share links. But there's nothing to be afraid of.. My approach is different, talks about humanizing, to provide corporate brands and soul companies. And that's only achieved with the power of people. People and their superpowers. Not being very aware, people have something, A driver, that makes us superheroes… What will be? It's the values.

Superheroes no longer spend a cape

No. That idea of a guy who flies or climbs and wears a cape we leave it for movies and comics. In real life superheroes don't wear a cape. And a lot of times we don't know that they are.. The world is full of people who have overcome unthinkable obstacles. Ordinary people. They live on your ladder. Among your friends. Among your relatives, your colleagues, your customers… They live inside you. They look more like Woody Allen than Arnold Schwarzenegger.. And then, what has allowed them to raise their heads and pull forward? It's the values.

Companies still don't know the extent of that driver in people

It's very green. Few companies have understood the power of their people beyond their core professional skills. Still, in the middle of SXXI, Call “Employees” to their professionals. Rae. Employee - Used, Used, Spent. So we are not going anywhere. Where is our humanity? But going back to the heart of the question. Companies have People, and those people have superpowers. I know. You'll think I'm like a goat.. And you're not going wrong at all..

You're a few seconds away from knowing what the hell the superpowers are.. And how they can help companies multiply their connecting force with their markets. I'll leave you with the S videomall Data: The power of people. Contains a small personal story. I'm pretty sure when you're done seeing it you'll feel your own back looking for a cape. Don't look, are your values.

Happy week!


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17 thoughts on "And you? Have you discovered your superpowers already? #TEDxLleida16”

  1. Fantastic Guillem presentation, Congratulations. At the height of the best TED, you don't have any doubt. You're talking about something very interesting., I discovered reflecting on the subject as an entrepreneur and have ever been able to observe (although rarely). I 'm 100% according to you that power is in people, and companies that understand and implement this will achieve a strength that cannot be easily achieved by another way.
    Thank you for sharing, a greeting

    • Antonio, you've left me petrified with your comment (positive, Of course). I'm glad -- and a lot- that we have come to similar conclusions about the extraordinary power of people in the dynamics of communication and business development. There's still a lot to do, But that's what we're for. Thank you from the heart for this feedback that pleases me the week. A greeting!

  2. Magnificent talk!

    Besides being a powerful communication model, content is very valuable.

    Too bad it's so much that this message heats up in the business world, albeit with the outreach effort of great professionals, as in this case, I guess it's only a matter of time.

    Congratulations, and thank you for getting it to us.

    A greeting!

    • A pleasure, Joan! Of course, combating the limiting belief of many managers that people working in an organization (Employees, that word that so much rejection) should be limited to their competencies “Hard” it's going to change. Slowly but it's going to change. Perhaps that's why we need new millennial-spirited managers to take on new responsibilities in human capital management (closely linked to personal branding). A thousand thanks for your attention, Joan and to write!

  3. I didn't know you could talk about superpowers out loud, I found them and I was ashamed to comment on it,. I also lost them again, it's hard to be awake on the road to life, get carried away is there, it's easier, Comfortable, others are to blame, Excuses,…. I loved that you expressed it and said out loud, I'd have to do the same. Magnificent summary,.


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