And you… Are you also a digital tramp?

Tramp, Gives. (Rae)
Del lat. vagabundus.

1. Adj. Wandering and lacking a fixed domicile and a regular means of life. app. to pers., U. T. C. s s.

What is a digital tramp?

Today I got up eager to cure a simple but magnificent content about that, about the vagrancy Digital. The text that leads me to this definition is from the specialist in career branding Niels Reib, and specifically his post Are you making this mistake when you brand yoursef?

My definition of digital homeless is one that lacks a place of its own (website or blog) on the net and walks errant social network on social network.

Who talked about it years ago is the great Alfonso Alcántara, refying to the “homeless” Digital.

What if your favorite social network disappears?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? You don't think that's going to happen.? Already. Maybe you don't remember networks like Tuenti., Came, Meerkat, Google+,… If a social network disappears, everything you've written disappears, all the images you've shared, all the friends you had there, all conversations, likes… Everything is lost…

And at the rate we're going, no one guarantees that Twitter or Facebook will continue to exist in 5 Years, or at least existing the same way they are now. No network has the future guaranteed: Shopping, Mergers, lethal viruses… I don't want to be apocalyptic., but unfortunately everything is vulnerable. Like us.

Are you on the Internet for rent?

There are more people in the world without a blog than with a blog, and that's a good reason to have and feed one. And I say feed because it's more important to feed it regularly than just to have it there abandoned.

If your decision is to be renting on the Internet, Perfect, keeps jumping from social network to social network. Now mola Instagram… Come! Everyone to Instagram! But ask yourself: Do you direct or direct you?

Networks understood as a bar, as a repository, place of healing content and place of conversation

I prefer to understand social media as a place of passage, like that bar in that neighborhood or city that we visit from time to time because we love its people and its vermú. In that bar we can talk to those behind and in front of the bar (markets are conversations), we can bring fresh news from us and others (healing content).

That bar, let's call it the Facebook Bar, we love it, but he's not the only one. There are other bars that we also like, some more formal, cocktelerias type (The Linkedin Bar), others more dangerous but interesting (The Twitter Bar), others inside an art gallery (The Pinterest Bar), others with high-level discussions (ClubHouse Bar), Other…

Your digital home

If you're tired of going from bar to bar, if you're tired of going renting, The Internet gives you the chance to have your own home. You don't have to ask for a very strong mortgage, your biggest investment will be time. A This is called having a web or blog (or both integrated) Own.

Free formats 100%

a lot As Blogger, Tumblr , Medium Or Wix are free platforms. I advise you to read this article Antevenio where you define the features and advantages of each platform. Everyone has their own world, their audiences, your fans…

Premium format

No doubt, the queen of the mambo is WordPress.orG, the platform that has thousands of template developers around the world. Companies like The Walt Disney Company, Sony Music, Chicago SunTimes, Bloomberg, Vogue, Mercedes Benz, The Newyorker, Time, Fortune… use WordPress.

But it's not just big corporations; also many influential people use it. Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue, The Rolling Stone, Usain Bolt and thousands and thousands more.


Free formats have hundreds of video tutorials on how to manage them, WordPress premiums require professional help (more than advisable), because we need to hire domain, Hosting, buy a template, generate the base content, create an SEO strategy and, very important, keep you safe from Malware, Attacks, obsolescences…

The best, a digital house well connected to the outside

Let's have more or less time available, ideally stop being a digital bum and launch yourself to the blog. I'd start by trying out some of the free formats, and once familiar with the subject, would move towards the professional site

If we can work on a personal branding strategy comme il faut, we'll know what we should publish, in what style (ours, Of course), how often, with which categories, about which sources we can cure content…

If we get to that point, we will no longer rely on social media, but the networks will be at our service. To do this, blogs (like this one, that -- by the way- it's WordPress) have windows to the outside called RSS subscription (the most important) and buttons to share content on social media.

To finish

My blog is from 2007, he's already a few years old. As many years as I'm told that blogs are dead.

Stop being a digital homeless man and build your own home on the Internet. That may be your best brand legacy.

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