Yves Saint-Laurent: The secret behind the personal brand

To the 21 Years, Yves Saint-Laurent not only was he the youngest dressmaker in French haute couture, if not he had been appointed Chief Designer of Dior by the same Christian Dior.

Four years later, In 1961, created his own signature.

For four decades, Saint-Laurent revolutionized the universe of women's fashion. The creator of the ready-to-wear should be, Also, contributions such as the Sahariana, the women's tailor suit, the world's best-selling transparencies or perfume: Opium.

From the perspective of the personal brand we are looking at a copy case study: a personal brand that manages to convey some Values that differentiate it from the rest and that cause Changes both in his Sector activity such as in the Society.

A personal brand that derives from a trademark.

However, this fantastic trajectory would not have occurred without the contest of another genius: Pierre Bergé, Saint-Laurent's collaborator and partner.

It was Bergé who made it possible Creation signature, by getting the necessary money through an investor and suing Dior for the moral damage caused by the dismissal of Saint-Laurent.

The creation of the pre-t-a-porter or the diversification of the business by creating lines of Perfumery, Cosmetic and other products are just some of Bergé's management milestones at the helm of the brand.

Saint-Laurent alternated his stages of frantic creativity with others of "descent into hell" surrendering to all kinds of excesses. During his brief stay in military service he had suffered humiliations that, added to those of their school years, led to admission to a psychiatric hospital, where he received very aggressive therapies. These therapies would be responsible for the emotional imbalances that would drag his whole life and plunge him into deep crises of creativity, that Bergé helped him overcome, when he doesn't defend himself.

When we talk about personal branding, we tend to think of something like a super hero: a single person putting in place a whole Plan For Position as a reference in a niche market or specialty.

In practice this is not impossible, just as decathlon athletes train for ten different disciplines.

Another thing is that it is the most recommended option. The curve of Learning essential to purchase Skills necessary and design a personal branding plan entrusting progress to the trial/error method is time-consuming, energy and money. Using these resources in a created and assisted plan by professionals, the results and profitability of the plan will come sooner.

It's what in economics is called opportunity cost: the value of not performing an action is the equivalent of what would be obtained if you had made the best of the possible options.

We will never know the opportunity cost that could have had for Yves Saint-Laurent not having had the advice of Pierre Bergé, but if you can imagine the cost it will incur to your career And your personal brand passing up an opportunity to follow a Plan de Personal Branding.

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